Asana Intensive

May 8-10, 2020.  

As our asana practice deepens, so does our sense of alignment.  What begins as a struggle for postural perfection becomes an endless exploration of the wonders of embodied form. In this weekend intensive, we explore alignment as a polyvalent phenomenon, one that manifests in multiple spheres of embodied experience at once, and allows us to feel their continuity.  Using breath as the touchstone of our inquiry, we learn how alignment can open our experience of the body, and draw us into more lucid and spacious states of mind.

This intensive can be taken with or without the Mysore classes.  The workshops will focus on postures from the Ashtanga Vinyasa syllabus, but will be accessible to those who practices other styles of dynamic postural yoga.

The Secret Life of Standing Postures (7pm -9pm)

Mysore (8:30am – 10:30 am)

Spinal Fluidity (11am- 1pm)

Breath, Bandha and Folding to Infinity  (1:30 pm – 3:30pm)

Mysore (8:30am – 10:30 am)

Spiraling Up and Expanding Out (11am- 1pm)

The Burning of Kama and the Alchemy of Hatha Yoga (Philosophy) (1:30pm-3pm)



Standing postures have a secret life, a secret inwardness, a secret drama that is easy to miss.  They can seem simple and accessible when we first learn them, but as we feel into them with closer attention, they start to reveal an unfathomable depth.  Each standing posture is a unique stage for the dynamic interplay of prana and apana, and when we learn to direct those subtle forces into one another, using the structure of the postural form, their drama begins to unfold.  In this session, we learn to balance prana and apana within the standing postures of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system.


One of the surest ways to create a fluid sense of embodiment is to make elegant movements with a supple spine.  In this session, we learn to roll the spine from the base of the pelvis to the base of the skull, integrating the internal currents of the breath, and opening the central axis of the body to a fuller flow of consciousness.  This session will involve a light practice, with special emphasis on back bending. It will integrate postures from the first and second series, with variations to accommodate a wide range of abilities.


This session aims to bring clarity and inspiration to the confused matter of working with the bandhas.  It gives a compelling and informed account of what the bandhas are, how they work on the subtle body, and how we can use them in asana practice to connect with the deeper sources of our being.  Using this understanding, we can work with the bandhas more readily, to enhance our immediate experience of breathing through the body.


Spiraling is one of the most potent, but also overlooked movements that we make in the practice of asana. This session explores spiraling as an instrument for the crucial Tantric practice of expanding the vital force outward from the center.  It looks closely at the mechanics of spiraling, and explains how to use spirals in yoga postures to create an immediate sense of openness in the subtle body. Using these techniques, we can use spirals for deeper psychical release.


Kama is desire.  And Hatha (Tantric) Yoga works directly with desire as a vehicle for ascension to higher, more lucid, and more ennobled states of mind.  In this session (which is pure philosophy, and involves no formal practice as such) we contemplate esoteric meaning of the myth in which Siva, awakened from meditation, burns Kama to ashes.  We find in this myth some resource for understanding the traditional idea that Hatha Yoga is an alchemical process of sublimating desire, by releasing desire from its objects, and allowing the orectic force of desire to expand the horizons of experience.


This is a traditional Mysore-style Ashtanga Vinyasa class. Students lead themselves through the Ashtanga sequencing while receiving individual guidance and support.  This class is intended for people with an established Ashtanga practice. There are no expectations of proficiency, but instructions on sequencing will be kept to a minimum, so please know at least the standing and closing sequence to attend.


Ty Landrum is an international exponent of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.  He teaches in the traditional, contemplative and experimental style of his mentors, Mary Taylor and Richard Freeman. With a PhD in Philosophy, Ty has a special touch for explaining the theory of yoga with color and creativity. His passion as a teacher is to share the brilliance of yoga with anyone who wants to learn.
Ty’s website: http://www.tylandrum.com/

Ashtanga Yoga Thessaloniki
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Ashtanga Yoga workshop

October 5-8, 2020

We are very happy and honored to announce that our beloved teacher, Manju Pattabhi Jois, is coming for the 3rd time in Thessaloniki!
Save the date : October 5-8, 2020

Manju P. Jois, Ashtanga Yoga guru of Mysore, South India, is the oldest son of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, recognized worldwide as the foremost authority on Ashtanga Yoga. Manju`s practice began at age 7 and he began teaching with his father at age 15.
He has been traveling and teaching worldwide the traditional Ashtanga method for over 50 years and his intention is to teach the way of the Ancient tradition and bring the many benefits of Ashtanga yoga to his students.
He hopes to bring “better concentration and understanding” of Ashtanga Yoga in a world full of distractions. Manju’s dedication to his life of teaching and practicing yoga has brought the benefits of the ancient tradition of Ashtanga Yoga to many students throughout the world, as he guides each to “Unite with Yourself.”

Manju P. Jois, is considered a master in Yoga Therapy, well known for his healing adjustments, will be assisting and adjusting practitioners.
All levels of experience are welcome, some experience in the Ashtanga Yoga practice is required.

Please be ready on your mat on time.

Ashtanga Yoga Thessaloniki
Valaoritou 20, 54625, 6th floor, Thessaloniki

For registrations or any questions please contact Natasha Symeonidou at ashtangayogathessaloniki@gmail.com
including your Name, City, Phone, Email, Ashtanga experience
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